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"We make human dreams come true."

LG MMA has solidly maintained first place
in the domestic MMA and PMMA industries
with the endless interest of our customers,
and we, as a competitive global company,
will contribute to public welfare
through continuous change and innovation.

We sincerely appreciate your continued attention and encouragement toward LG MMA.

Since LG MMA has been established as a petrochemical specialist, producing MMA products by joint venturing with Sumitomo Chemical and Nippon Catalyst since 1991, we have been aiming to be an excellent petrochemical company that has capabilities as a Solution Partner that provides a total solution in the MMA and PMMA production field with creating value for customers and management based on respecting human dignity.

We have tried to grow with customers and become a leading company that assures the quality of products as well as provides product-related service and solutions as a Solution Provider. We also have tried to become the leading company not only the domestic market but also the global market by discovering new and consistent earning sources through independent technical development and empowerment of R&D areas and developing future-oriented, capable people.

LG MMA takes the lead in the establishment of an open and fair business culture and makes every effort to provide convenience for customers by operating programs announcing and practicing Jeong-Do management as well as providing a variety of helpful information and realizing system available e-commerce between companies.

Based on honesty and fairness, we will faithfully achieve the given mission and our social responsibility and duty so that we can contribute to social growth.

Thank you.